ISEB Common Pre-Test Course


Learn the main techniques and strategies for all the question types.


Develop your skills and knowledge together with others.


Succeed by achieving your potential and reaching the school of your choice.

ISEB Common Pre-Test course (Year 5 & 6)

This course is for students applying for independent schools where the ISEB Common Pre-Tests form part of the selection process. The course has been carefully designed to ensure that students are fully prepared for the tests. Conducted via Zoom, the students answer questions from the screen and are provided with a variety of activities to build up their familiarity with the different question types.

The course comprises of the following subjects:

  • Verbal reasoning question styles including common words, antonyms, word combinations, letter transfer, number codes.
  • Non-verbal reasoning question styles including shape analogies, classes like, horizontal codes.
  • English question styles including reading comprehension, sentence completion, spelling and punctuation.
  • Mathematics content in line with the National Curriculum.


In addition to these subjects, the course provides the students with the opportunity to develop their interview techniques.

The ISEB Common Pre-Test course will run from April until October to ensure your child is fully prepared. Please see the details below for the online course:

  • Mondays at 5pm – 7pm online

If you would like to enrol or request more details please fill out our enrolment form here.

Teachitright proudly works with ISEB on the creation of content designed to support their examinations and assessments.

Teachitright Ltd is a VICTVS Assured exam venue for ISEB examinations. If you would like to take your ISEB Common Pre-Tests at our Camberley Study Centre please follow the link below: ISEB Common Pre-Test Exam Invigilation – In Centre –

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