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Teachitright runs many local 11+ tuition courses across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and The West Midlands. Our classes are held in Primary schools or libraries with excellent facilities and a safe environment.

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The centres have a marker employed who marks homework instantly to provide feedback quickly on the question types which require further support. Every child is given the best opportunity for success and our tutors are passionate about teaching & learning.

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If you are interested in enrolling your child on the Teachitright 11+ course please ring: 01276 479036 or email: info@teachitright.com.

Year 4

Our very popular year 4 classes are designed to familiarise children with the 11+ question types. Our hourly lessons help children build their vocabulary, learn the techniques for non-verbal reasoning, develop numerical reasoning and comprehension skills. Parents are kept well informed on how their child is performing.

Year 5

The two hourly sessions covering either verbal and non-verbal reasoning or English and numerical reasoning are carefully planned to build up vocabulary and ensure children feel confident about answering the different question types. Through regular assessments, time management and exam technique are also integral to the year 5 course.

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