Independent School Preparation


Learn the main techniques and strategies for all the question types.


Develop your skills and knowledge together with others.


Succeed by achieving your potential and reaching the school of your choice.

Which Course do you need?

TEACHITRIGHT has supported thousands of students for the independent school sector and have had an excellent pass rate over the years. We offer two courses that support your child to be fully prepared for their Independent School Exams.

The two courses we offer are the Independent School Course and the ISEB Common Pre-Tests Course.

The Independent School Course is suitable for students who are preparing for their entrance assessments at independent schools where the ISEB Common Pre-Tests do not form part of the selection process. The online ISEB Common Pre-Tests Course is suitable for students where the ISEB Common Pre-Tests do form part of the selection process.

Further information detailing both courses can be accessed via the links below.

Teachitright Ltd is a VICTVS Assured exam venue for ISEB examinations. If you would like to take your ISEB Common Pre-Tests at our Camberley Study Centre please follow the link below: ISEB Common Pre-Test Exam Invigilation – In Centre –

Teachitright proudly works with ISEB on the creation of content designed to support their examinations and assessments.