The Teachitright Team

Who are we & what do we do

Chris Pearse

Teachitright Managing Director & Tutor

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 17 years of experience. I have taught English Literature and Language to GCSE students. I am very passionate about helping students achieve their potential, whist enjoying education. I have written several books with well-renowned publishers including Collins, GL Assessment and Hodder Education. I started Teachitright in 2006 to provide a high-quality tuition service that would engage individuals and ensure every student is given the best possible support. I’m always looking at ways to develop the offering and understand the importance of helping both students and parents through the Teachitright courses. Our business is also a franchise which has been a wonderful experience, watching our brand grow in other areas of the country. We have a brilliant team at Teachitright who are incredibly dedicated and shown huge enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

Paula Hobden

Teachitright Tutor

I have been a teacher since 2008, training in Maths and English as a second language. I currently work in a secondary school in Maidenhead as a supply teacher specialising in Maths and Science. My experience of working in varied environments has enabled me to create a rapport with children very quickly, allowing them to gain confidence in their own abilities and reach their full potential. Early on in the tuition process, I aim to create a safe, receptive and creative environment with my pupils. A place where they are encouraged to think for themselves and grow as individuals as well as learning the content and techniques required to pass their examinations.

Lesley Hughes

Centre Manager

I have worked in education for over twenty years, in both teaching and management roles, including as a facility manager for University of London, and as a training manager. I am also an examiner and writer for two GCSE awarding bodies. I have worked with children from 6 to 18 and particularly enjoy working with primary school children as they develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin their future success. I am passionate about enabling children to reach their full potential and am excited to be on board with Teachitright and to be involved with a great team, committed to making learning accessible, achievable and fun.

Louise Swann

Teachitright Tutor

I have had a very wide variety of teaching experiences in my 40 year career. I qualified as a primary teacher in 1973 specialising in KS2 during my training. My subsequent honours degree in English and Education has allowed me to teach pupils of a wide variety of ages up to A level. The majority of my experience has been in primary education where I have tried to inspire children with my love for poetry , literature and the importance of high quality spoken English. I have spent some time teaching abroad in Papua New Guinea and Nepal where I helped to compose a syllabus to teach English time medical students and had experience teaching English as a foreign language. I have taken responsibility for pastoral care in school and always try to be aware of the psychology involved in good learning. I aspire to see each child as an individual with specific needs to be recognised and fulfilled by the teacher in order that they should achieve their best potential. I am very excited to be working with Teachitright helping children to aspire to their best.

Hilary Male

Teachitright Tutor

I have been teaching in primary schools for over 20 years. Most of my recent experience has been working in upper key stage 2 preparing children for SATs. I have also spent several years familiarising children with verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions in readiness for the 11+ exam. I am very keen to ensure that children develop study skills alongside a love of learning which together will prepare them for the next stages in their education. I am looking forward to working with Teachitright very much.

Susanna Coull

Teachitright Tutor

Having a BSc. (Hons) Psychology (1st class), which had a special focus on child development, my interest in this area led me to take a PGCE and begin a career in teaching. I am a qualified teacher and have worked in local primary schools for the last ten years. I love English, Maths and Science and have a passion to ensure that every child is supported to reach their maximum potential. Having two children in secondary school only highlights to me the importance of succeeding at the end of key stage 2 in order to make the best possible start in year 7. This is, I believe, where extra support through Teachitright comes in and makes such a positive contribution to enabling children to achieve success.


Teachitright Tutor

Since gaining my P.G.C.E. in 1998 I have worked in both the Public and Private sectors. This has given me an understanding of both sectors and their differing demands.

I currently teach Year 4 at a local primary school. I enjoy working with children in small groups as it allows me the opportunity to help them develop their skills through the 11+ system. I also enjoy being able to help them prepare for the next stage of their education. As my children have either gone through or are about to go through the 11+, I have a unique perspective to what it is like not just as a tutor but also as a parent of a child taking the 11+.

Sharon Patey

Teachitright Tutor

I have been teaching in primary schools for the last 12 years and am currently in year 6. In this time, I have taught in all year groups across key stage 2 helping children prepare for Sats and 11+ both in the classroom and private tuition. I am passionate about helping children to take ownership of their learning and value the progress that they make; I also enjoy being able to make learning fun and so inspiring the children to realise their own ability to achieve their goals. Being in year 6 has helped me develop a better understanding of the pressures that tests can bring to the children and the need to help them feel confident that they are prepared and able to succeed. I very much enjoy working with Teachitright and watching your children flourish.


Teachitright Tutor

I have been a teacher for six years since graduating from Roehampton University and throughout this time, I have also worked as a one to one tutor and have educated children from Reception to Year 6, for the 11+ and common entrance examinations. I currently teach KS2 and spent two years as a Year 6 teacher, preparing children for their SATs examinations. In preparation for this exam, I worked closely with classes, small groups and individuals to ensure they were confident and fully prepared to sit the tests.

My knowledge, skills and experience of the primary education and the requirements of the 11+ and entrance examinations has enabled me to be a committed and successful tutor; always striving to challenge and advance my pupils to achieve their maximum potential.

I love my job as a Teachitright tutor and enjoy helping children and raising their aspirations on their journey to success.


Teachitright Tutor

Hi I’m Joaty – I consider myself fun, energetic, and love engaging with children. I’ve channelled these traits into my career – and have been teaching since 2011 (from Early Years to KS2).
With three kids of my own, I know the anxiety many children (and their parents!) face when it comes to learning. My eldest attends Teach It Right (11+), and this provided me with the catalyst to work here because I am able to see the perspective of the tutor, the child, and the parent. My approach to 11+ tutoring is to provide a supportive, nurturing, and fun environment – letting children realise their own potential and working with them to find solutions for their challenges. I’m really enjoying my time here and meeting all the new faces. I’m always happy to help – so if you have any questions feel free to approach me 🙂


Teachitright Tutor

For the past five years I have been a primary school teacher in West End, Surrey, teaching Years 4,5 and 6. I have helped prepare children for the SATs, 11+ and other entrance exams; ultimately hoping to help them reach their full potential and set them on the right path for their future. Since having a baby last year, I have resumed teaching part-time and will also be tutoring with Teachitright, helping prepare their students for the 11+ examination.


Teachitright Tutor

I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught Key Stage 2 for 6 years, with 3 of those in Year 6 preparing children to undertake the national SATs tests. I have a First Class Honours degree in English Literature with Creative Writing which I loved studying for as it honed my skills in textual analysis and critical thinking. I have a real passion for helping children to develop these kinds of skills, as well as achieving academic success, in order to deliver a broader education and foster a genuine love for learning. I am pleased to be part of the team at Teachitright and looking forward to helping children reach their full potential.


Teachitright Tutor

After graduating from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Politics and International Relations, I completed a PGCE at Exeter University. I am currently teaching in KS2 at a Maidenhead primary school but have experience teaching children aged 8-18 in the maintained and independent sector. I have lived in Buckinghamshire most of my life and I attended a grammar school. I understand the process and requirements of the grammar school system. I am passionate about learning and developing the skills of the children that I teach in a holistic and supportive way. I am excited to be working for Teachitright in an environment where I can help in developing the skills so that each child can reach their full potential.


Teachitright Tutor & Business Manager

I am a qualified secondary school teacher with experience teaching both Mathematics and Science at KS3 and KS4. I received a Masters degree in Natural Science from the University of Bath from my 5 year degree programme. During that time, I worked as a math specialist, teaching SEN students in schools. From there my interest in teaching grew. I pursued and received a teaching qualification and have since been lucky enough to educate students in three separate Ofsted Outstanding schools. I have tutored with Teachitright for the last five years during which I have worked in all aspects of the company and am now developing our exciting new GCSE programme. My diverse educational background has given me a breadth of experience that I passionately share with students and tutees alike. I love to enable my students to emulate the success that I have enjoyed.


Centre Manager

I have a degree in English Language and Literature and have worked in educational environments for well over 20 years. I completed a TEFL course after university that led me to move to Athens, Greece. There, I taught in independent language schools and also set up a private company specialising in business English for corporations. On my return to the UK I got a role as a Course Director at the oldest language school in Cambridge and oversaw their residential summer programme. I managed a team of teachers and support staff and had students attend from many different countries. It was a fantastic learning experience that was extremely rewarding!

In addition, I am a wellbeing representative and am passionate about supporting students in this area. I also work as a freelance writer and proof reader for English Language Publications, which is something I really enjoy too!

Monica Romano

Centre Manager

I have worked in Education for 17 years, in both teaching and management roles. My most recent appointments include ICT Administrator and Online Safety Officer, Premises Manager and H&S Officer. My previous roles include: Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages; Administrator Lead; personal assistant to curriculum managers. I also have experience in working in Special Educational Needs and Pupil Referral Unit environment.

I am committed to personal best endeavour ethos and believe that everybody can be successful within an exciting and stimulating learning environment. I am very excited to be part of the Teachitright Team, to support the children in their endeavours and to achieve their full potential in a vibrant learning community.


Teachitright Tutor

I am a dedicated and passionate educator supporting children to develop to their full potential, with over 20 years of experience in the primary sector. My teaching experience stems across the primary age, teaching in the Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 as well as working as a private tutor, specialising in literacy and numeracy. This wide experience has enabled me to gain valuable knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, working with differing styles while also establishing myself as an efficient and effective, reflective practitioner capable of working with children from a multitude of different backgrounds, e.g. multi-ethnic, bilingual, multilingual, children with SEN and ‘able, gifted and talented’ children. I hold the view that schooling is a partnership between parents and teachers and this has enabled me to experience through first-hand the ambition and high expectations parents have for children in the selection system. I am looking forward to working with the TeachitRight students supporting children with their learning journey for the 11+ or other selection tests.


Teachitright Tutor

I am a qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years experience. After gaining qualified teacher status in the UK I began my teaching career in South East Asia, where I taught for 2 and a half years. When I returned to England I worked as a teacher in Inner London whilst continuing my studies and gaining a Masters in Education. This gave me the opportunity to put theory into practice, studying children’s development and needs from a holistic point of view. I have a range of teaching experience, from Reception to Key Stage 2, including management roles. In all of my teaching I strive to promote a love of learning and I am always keen to incorporate practical and fun activities into my lessons. Working with such small groups at Teach It Right helps me to motivate pupils and develop their confidence, so that they can reach their full academic potential.

Josephine Allen

11+ Website

Since 2006 when I achieved qualified teacher status, I have worked with children in both lower and upper key stage two, with a number of years spent helping the latter prepare for their SATs. During this time, I have worked as a leading English teacher in Hampshire. This role facilitated me in developing my skills and passion for English, whilst training teachers throughout the county and providing examples of model practice. Currently, I work at an independent school where I am now developing my role as an English teacher in key stage 3. Alongside this, I have tutored many students outside of school, to prepare them for their 11+ and GCSEs. My goal is to instil in children a love of learning, whilst enabling them to achieve their best. I am looking forward to starting my journey with Teachitright so that I can make this happen!

ACE (Accuracy, Corrections and Evaluate) Marker

Teachitright uses markers in the lessons to help give instant feedback on work completed for homework and also help identify areas which require development. The markers are also responsible for recording results on our tracking system. Our markers are bright, capable students who are superb role models for our pupils.