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Lesson Structure

The courses run over the year in blocks of six weeks. The first 4 weeks of each block purely covers content and on the 5th week the students sit an assessment that covers the work covered previously. On the 6th week we recap the assessment and provide feedback and next steps for our students.

Every fifth week we offer assessment and feedback to both parents and students and discuss any misconceptions they might have. This ongoing assessment allows students, parents and teachers alike to measure their progress and discover areas for development.

Our Fees

English and Maths

£295 per six-week block

This cost includes the materials & resources (£25). The payments are made in advance of the six-week block and paid through a direct debit system. If a parent wants to withdraw their child from the course, they can cancel their lessons at the end of a block.

For a limited period we are offering a trial price of £265 for the first block so you can ensure that the course works for your child and is exactly what you are looking for. This equates to £20 per hour – on average half the cost of private one to one tuition!