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How to log on

How To Log On…

All Teachitright students will have access to our student portal, here you will find:

  • Lesson plans
  • Revision guides
  • Questions banks
  • Quizzes

Benefits of the Student Portal

  • If you miss a lesson you will be able to look up the lesson objectives and key activities that can be completed at home.
  • Easy access to resources such as reading lists, homework overviews and word lists.
  • Additional worksheets that can be used at home will be available.
  • Email address is the first one given at time of enrolment ie example@teachitright.com 
  • Password: Students date of birth ie 14/09/2007 (all 8 digits required, in ../../…. format)
  • Please do not pass on your log in details to anyone else as it may lead to your access being denied.