Maths Course Details

Exam Preparation Course

GCSE Maths Course

This course has been made to prepare KS4 students for their GCSE Maths Exam. We teach our students work relevant to their exam boards so that they will be best prepared. This Exam preparation course, comprised of three blocks, will prepare our students for the new GCSE exams. The course will incorporate topics to challenge our students on the full range of questions they should have learnt during their GCSE period. This will help to refresh and maintain their recall and enable targeted revision. It will also focus on the highest value and most difficult topics that students are likely to face. We include problem-solving and a range of exam preparation strategies in every lesson, these reflect the post-2015 GCSE exam requirements. We believe this combination will best prepare our students for the more difficult maths questions they will be expected face in their exams.

Inspired by Mr Barton Maths Author of the bestselling “How I wish I’d taught maths” we will utilise a range of resources to assess our students understanding.

Course Structure

We teach in blocks of 6 weeks, the first 4 weeks purely covers content, in addition on the 5th week the students sit an assessment that covers the work covered previously. On the 6th week we recap the assessment and provide feedback and next steps for our students.

Lesson Format

During each Maths lesson we aim:

  • To cover a wide range of content to aid revision.
  • Provide In-depth problem solving and reasoning questions on key topics.
  • Assess the student’s ability to identify similarities and differences between the key topic and other similar question types.
  • Utilise a diagnostic quiz that can be done at home to assesses knowledge and understanding of the topic.

This will help ensure the students are fully prepared for their Maths GCSE exams.

The new Maths GCSE format

We are very conscious of the changes to the new GCSE course a summery given by the most popular Mathematics exam board is as follows:

  • There is more content to teach with harder topics being introduced.
  • There is a greater emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, with more marks in the GCSE exams being allocated to these higher-order skills.
  • The total examination time is increasing with all exams taken at the end of the course.
  • Students will also have to memorise formulae.
  • There is a new grade structure from 9 to 1, with fewer marks at the lower grades and more marks at the higher grades.

At TEACHITRIGHT we feel we can aid our students in meeting all these challenges.