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Teachitright is a very successful tutoring company that has provided tuition for over 15 years.


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We are excited to announce that we have created an inspiring and motivational English & maths GCSE course based on all of our learnings and expertise in tuition.

Our tutors are fully qualified teachers and we will be running English (both language and literature) and Maths courses across Berkshire and Surrey in Slough, Camberley. Teachitright is also offering group online tuition.

In each block of lessons we will cover specific content and question types that are targeted to the new GCSE requirements with a heavy focus on question comprehension, practice and exam technique. This mirrors the change in focus in the new GCSE exam.

Before booking a course we will check which GCSE board you are looking to sit. As part of the Teachitright course your child will be provided appropriate resources.

Why Small Group Learning?

Teachitright believes that small group tuition really develops a young student’s critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. During our research we have found that students enjoy working with others which in turn increases their motivation and understanding.

Group sessions also allows us to motivate our students using friendly competitions, quizzes and rewards. When lessons are planned using the most up to date pedagogy and supported by the most recent and relevant literature, group tuition is the perfect combination.

Why choose us?


Fully qualified and experienced teachers.


Course provides regular assessments.


Small class sizes (maximum of 6 in a class).


Opportunity to meet and talk with a Teachitright tutor each block.


Teachitright plan lessons using the most up to date pedagogy, supported by the most recent literature.


We help your child with how to plan their revision for GCSEs and produce revision notes.


We differentiate between English Literature and Language enabling you to target the exact content you need to succeed.

Great results

We will cover key high value maths topics to maximise impact on results.

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Frequently asked questions

How many students are in each class?

We have a maximum of 10 students in each GCSE class and this allows us the opportunity to identify each student’s areas for development and rapidly build an effective working relationship.

Do we provide regular assessments for our students?

Yes, on the fifth week of every six-week block we set a test to find out if progress has been made and to assess future areas of development. Comprehensive feedback is given to ensure the next steps are known.

How qualified are your tutors for GCSE tuition?

All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers with experience in the relevant subject field (maths, English or both). Teachitright takes great pride in recruiting passionate tutors that are inspirational and fully focused on their students progression.