Our Tutors

Who are we and what do we do

Chris Pearse

(Teachitright Managing Director & Tutor)

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 10 years experience. I started Teachitright in 2006 to provide support for children taking Secondary School exams. I am very passionate about helping children achieve their potential whilst enjoying education. I have co-authored the 2011 GL assessment 11+ Explained Series Verbal Reasoning book of which 8000 books have been sold to date. I have also produced a wide range of material that we use within the courses at the different centres. In 2015 I wrote three verbal reasoning books with Hodder education (part of Galore Park). These make up a huge series of books covering English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I am a qualified teacher with extensive experience across Key Stage 2, particularly with preparing Year 6 students to undertake the national SATs tests and transition to secondary education. I have taught Year 4 and 5 students on behalf of Teachitright for several years and really enjoy working with them to prepare for the 11+ examinations, developing their skills in Creative Writing, English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. I have a First Class Honours degree in English Literature with Creative Writing which I loved as I was able to tailor the learning to my own interests and hone my skills in textual analysis and critical thinking. I have a real passion for helping young people to develop the skills they need for academic success whilst fostering a genuine love for learning. I have taught English Language and Literature to students in Years 9, 10 and 11 and I am pleased to be developing our English GCSE programme at Teachitright.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I am a qualified secondary school teacher with experience teaching both Mathematics and Science at KS3 and KS4. I received a Masters degree in Natural Science from the University of Bath from my 5 year degree programme. During that time, I worked as a math specialist, teaching SEN students in schools. From there my interest in teaching grew. I pursued and received a teaching qualification and have since been lucky enough to educate students in three separate Ofsted Outstanding schools. I have tutored with Teachitright for the last five years during which I have worked in all aspects of the company and am now developing our exciting new GCSE programme. My diverse educational background has given me a breadth of experience that I passionately share with students and tutees alike. I love to enable my students to emulate the success that I have enjoyed.

Christina Webb

(Teachitright Tutor)

Hello my name is Christina Webb and I am a Mathematics tutor with Teachitright. I am a PhD student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and have been tutoring for many years now. My Maths tutoring has ranged from GCSE all the way up to Postgraduate level as I acquired my Graduate teaching assistant qualification last year. I love working with children and young adults, developing their Mathematical skills and encouraging them to really push themselves to help explore the possibilities that Maths can provide them and their future ambitions. I am driven to provide students with the knowledge they need to pursue any goals they have and to challenge themselves while having fun along the way.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I have 11 years of experience in teaching Mathematics to students across a range of age-groups. Nine of those were back in India wherein I taught Mathematics to secondary / high-secondary students and for last two years, I have been teaching secondary students in the UK. Being a Mathematics graduate and a post-graduate in Operations Research, I am very passionate about the practical applications of the subject and believe it is quintessential for children's to develop a mathematical acumen at a young age. Maths does come naturally to students but it needs harnessing. I believe in taking a personalized approach to teaching and champion the idea of transferring knowledge via practical, relatable, real life examples. I am very much looking forward to working with Teachitright and making a difference.


(Teachitright Tutor)

Rapier-sharp wit and warm demeanour are words that I'd use to describe myself. I have an eclectic range of experiences in teaching as I have taught abroad in Turkey, Cyprus and Nigeria. My varied experiences in these environments have made me appreciative and respectful of individual differences and diverse values of each child. I have over 7 years experience in teaching and I am keen on propagating teaching pedagogy that harnesses the skills and ability of each individual child. I am currently doing my PhD in English with a focus on children's literature and teaching through learner-centered approaches that accentuate the practical values of language and literature. I love children and I am committed to helping them learn and flourish.

Tabassum Khazmi

(Teachitright Tutor)

I'm currently completing a Masters degree in Creative Writing, which makes it safe to say I love writing! Prior to this, I have achieved a 2.1 in an English degree and have also completed a PGCE programme in Secondary English with the University of Reading. As well as this, I've also gained one and a half years of tutoring experience during gap years and years of developing my education. I believe the ability to create clear, structured sentences whilst using convincingly sophisticated language provides individuals with a powerful tool - the power of communication.

When preparing for any form of written assessment, I like to use flash cards, practise papers and a personal favourite, mind maps. Although exams and coursework can appear daunting (we've all been there!) I like to believe that organisation is the key which is required for success.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I am a research scholar and teaching fellow at the Royal Holloway University of London. I received a
master degree in physics from the National Institute of Technology – Trichy and worked after my
masters as a junior research fellow for two years at the Indian Institute of Science Education and
Research – Pune, both are premier institutes established by the government of India. During that time,
I developed a keen interest in teaching students maths and physics to prepare them for medical and
engineering entrance examinations. After I came to the UK for my PhD study, I continued teaching
undergraduates and foundation year students physics lab courses and maths. I was awarded an
associate fellowship (AFHEA) by the higher education academy, UK’s professional recognition for
teaching and supporting learning in higher education. Having a wider experience in teaching physics
and maths to pupils of different ages, I am delighted to work with the team of Teachitright to support
the students in learning and achieving their full potential.


(Teachitright Tutor)

Hello learners! I am a fully qualified UK teacher with a PGCE and QTS since the year 2001 and have been teaching English and Maths from Key Stage One up to GCSE for over twenty years now: as a mainstream 1:1 and group intervention tutor in Primary and Secondary schools. My experience also includes being a Sixth Form College Lecturer and Curriculum Leader, which means I had trained my team to effectively deliver robust learning programmes designed by me. I scaffold my learning to suit pupils’ diverse learning abilities and preferences. My lessons begin with explicit learning objectives, a fun starter activity or a task that requires critical thinking followed by rich content and relevant examples with clear instructions. You will find me pleasant, approachable, patient and knowledgeable. I am an academic success and this is what I teach my students to achieve.