Practise Makes Perfect

11+ Revision Camps

Teachitright holds 11+ Grammar School Revision Camps during the Easter and summer periods. These are carefully planned to cover all the required topic areas relevant for the chosen exam board (CEM, GL Assessment or Reading Boys).


Learn the main techniques and strategies for all the question types.


Develop your skills and knowledge together with others.


Succeed by achieving your potential and reaching the school of your choice.

Revision Camp Sessions

The sessions run for 3 days and are held between 9am and 3pm.

Throughout the camp our students revise key question types and are always encouraged to concentrate on individual areas of development. Our fully qualified teachers incorporate 11+ games and activities to help engage our students. At the end of each day students take part in an interactive team quiz. To ensure our students are ready for the September 11+ exams, we provide ample exam practice and give plenty of support on time management.

All materials are provided with feedback on the areas the students need to work on at the end of the course.

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Independent School Revision Camps

We also provide Independent School Revision Camps that run over 3 days during the October half term and Christmas holidays. These camps are tailored to the common entrance exams and will take into account the schools your child is preparing for. We can also offer practice interviews as these are often required as part of the entrance exams. Throughout the year we run additional KS2 creative writing courses which help support children taking Independent School Exams and their school work.

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