I. Slough Yr 5 GL Mock Exam D: 12th August 2023


11+ GL mock exam at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar, Slough

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Did you know the Slough Consortium has changed exam boards? CEM is no longer providing paper based CEM papers and for 2023 the Slough Consortium will be administering exams written by the exam board GL Assessment.

Teachitright is holding GL mock exams during the holidays. They provide the perfect opportunity for students to practise a realistic GL paper under strict exam conditions. 

All papers will be marked with an optical reader and sent back within 48 hours with a detailed report. A video will be provided with all the answers and the children will be able to take away a copy of the question paper on the day. 

The locations are in large school halls or classrooms to recreate a similar environment to the actual 11+ exam day. Our qualified teachers will ensure all papers are invigilated accurately.

Throughout the academic year Teachitright will be holding multiple mock exams named A-F. Each paper is different so please ensure you are booking each exam letter only once.

Date: Saturday 12th August 2023

Location: St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar, Slough, SL3 7AF

Mock Exam: Paper D

Start time: Registration at 9.30am

Finish time: 12.15pm

Cost: £70

*** Please note that once the event has been booked there is no altering or cancelling the booking ***

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