FREE Vocabulary Quiz: 15th May 2023


FREE Vocabulary Quiz: 15th May 2023, 4.30pm

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Come and join us for a FREE vocabulary quiz to understand what the summer sessions will be like!


Throughout the month of August Teachitright will be running online vocabulary quizzes to help build students 11 vocabulary in preparation for their exams in September.

Vocabulary is vital for the 11 and these sessions will expose students to over 200 words each day and will be a fun and engaging way to revise and build their word knowledge. Even if the 11 is not your end game these sessions will be useful for all KS2 students.

Why book a vocabulary quiz?

  • Engaging, fun & interactive daily revision
  • Exposed to over 200 words a day
  • Antonym, Synonym, Odd One Out and many more questions types will be reviewed over the course of August
  • Online sessions for everyone from any location – even when you are on holiday!
  • 9.30 morning session so afterwards you can continue with your summer holiday activities
  • Taken by a fully qualified teacher
  • Sessions available from £4* (with coupon code)

All students will need access to another electronic device (tablet/phone/computer) in order to be able to access the safe quiz environment.

Day: 15th May 2023

Time: 4.30pm

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