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Learn the main techniques and strategies for all the question types.


Develop your skills and knowledge together with others.


Succeed by achieving your potential and reaching the school of your choice.

ISEB Common Pre-Test course (Year 5)

Teachitright runs an ISEB Common Pre-Test course during the summer term. This online course has been adapted for students applying for Independent Schools where the exam board is ISEB.

This specific course will concentrate on all the requirements for these adaptive online tests:

  • Verbal reasoning question styles including common words, antonyms, word combinations, letter transfer, number codes.
  • Non-verbal reasoning question styles including shape analogies, classes like, horizontal codes.
  • English question styles including reading comprehension, sentence completion, spelling and punctuation.
  • Mathematics content in line with the National Curriculum.

Teachitright proudly works with ISEB on the creation of content designed to support their examinations and assessments.

Teachitright has supported thousands of students successfully for Independent, 11+ and Common Pre-test exams. The course will run for 12 weeks to ensure your child is fully prepared.

Need More Information?

To find out further information about our courses please take a look at our detailed brochure which includes our course syllabus.

Independent School Course (Year 6)

Teachitright has supported hundreds of students for the Independent school sector and we hold classes weekly from September to December to ensure the children are fully prepared for their entrance exams. Each school decides the components of their exams and we have good relationships with the schools to understand their specific requirements. Our qualified teachers have also produced material for these exams which have been published with Galore Park.

  • The classes are designed to specifically focus on question types which appear in the Independent school exams.
  • During the lessons pupils are supported on verbal reasoning (non-verbal reasoning if required), mathematics, English composition and comprehension.
  • Children will receive ample exam practice and plenty of tips and hints to help maximise their overall mark.
  • Included with the course is a practice interview.

Practice Interviews

Teachitright also holds practice interviews for students involved in the independent school admissions process. These provide the perfect opportunity for students to practise a realistic interview and gain valuable feedback. It is a crucial element of the independent school admissions process and one the school’s put emphasis on. The practice interviews help students fully understand what is expected of them on the day and helps reduce nerves and anxiety, which means their performance will improve.

Practice Interviews